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We are CzechsandBalances. We are Texans, assigned that way at birth. And we’re not gonna change that.

Why we started the substack. This is Czechs. I woke up to the New World Order shenanigans about 1.5 years ago. After the Christmas 2020 rush, I had some rare downtime. I heard something about the extent of child trafficking around the world and I thought, “no, that can’t be right.” But it was right, and sadly, it still is. I started digging then and haven’t stopped. I’ve learned SO much. I certainly consider myself to be a truther. I have an aunty who has been awake for literally decades, and she said to me the other day, “I was wondering when you were gonna wake up.” I’ve changed my mind about her. She is no longer the far out aunty, but is now The Oracle!

What astounds me is that we’ve lost the ability to talk to each other. Ooh, we can’t say THAT….it’s not politically correct! GASP! Not talking to each other is the worst thing we can do. Read our posts. Love us. Don’t love us. We’ve got our big girl panties on. We’re not out to be liked. We’re out to communicate. It’s our way of doing something — anything — to help wake people up.

And now….to my better half partner in writing….

This is Balances.  I am older than Czechs.  I have been on this path a bit longer, but not as long Czechs’ aunty.  Aunty is indeed The Oracle and I love her to bits.  She is the one person (besides Czechs, of course) who will never roll her eyes at me or laugh at my thoughts or try to have me committed.  So yes, I do love her dearly.  I had my awakening during the Clinton White House years.  When the president of my country came out with the defense that it “...depends on what the meaning of “is” is”,  I knew I had had enough of democrat prevarication and weasel words.  Mind, I never had much patience with democrats, liberals, leftists, progressives after the debacle of Jimmy Carter (no, I didn’t vote for him, but I didn’t think he would be a total disaster either….wrong).  But the Clintons raised my hackles to an entirely new level.  And I have followed those two for years.  My interests in recent years have centered around the new level we seem to have achieved in which our struggle seems less and less political and more and more against evil itself.  I can’t help but feel that the Clintons are instrumental in raising that bar and their minions rushed in to assist at every turn.  They are not the highest level of evil but they have been very successful in bringing people into their fold, cajoling and teasing until people do not even realize how very far they have fallen.  Like Czechs,  I too am trying to wake people up but some never will.  And I have read that those of us who are awake must be ready to “help” those along who will be shocked by coming revelations of truth.  To that I say “maybe”.  It has been a hard 30 years watching my country fall into the hands of those who would do her harm.  It has been hard to have friends and family mock and heap derision upon me for wanting to save my country and lift it and them back into a better world.  And so I say “maybe”.  Some, perhaps, I will help.  Others I cannot.  The harm has been too harsh and the wounds too deep.  You will need to look elsewhere for someone to pull you out of the pit. 

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